Now I look for people who have the skills required for the position. What do I do? Do I hire someone who will learn on the job, or someone who already has the skills needed for the position? I will do the latter and outsource to someone from outside the US and bring him in using an H-1B working.

Computer Science is mainly a male dominated field. There are many factors that come into play when a woman decides to become a computer science major. Expanding from there this essay investigates a more broad aspect of what it takes to be a successful computer science major both in and out of college. The argument I make is that success comes from the professional development of computer science related skills.

Simply put, this essay explains the best practices of learning experts and then applies them to compute science. The argument being that having a successful career in computer science comes down to learning. When asked what computer science is, most respond by saying that it is coding, software development, using computers, or the field where people just fix computers.

While although those are the components of computer science, when put to the test. Computer Science in Education As the people of the world change, the skills that are necessary to survive do as well.

Invention, Innovation, and Progress Essay

Every time a new technology is invented and inserted into everyday use, it is expected of people to learn to use it in order to progress. For example, when shoes with laces were invented and popularized, people were taught at a very early age how to tie them, and it is now common knowledge to know how to tie shoelaces into a bow. Now there is a new technology that the world is becoming.

Computer science promotes a meaningful life. Computer science means the principles and use of computer.

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It not only limits there because computer science defines mathematics everyday life. Specific questions include scene analysis describing what's on the picture , comprehending movement, synthesizing realistic multimedia, etc. Programming languages and environments : automated analysis of programs in terms of correctness and resource requirements, comparisons between languages, software support for languages i.

Security of computer systems and support for digital democracy , including network-level security intrusion detection and defense , OS-level security anti-virus SW and physical security biometrics, tamper-proof packaging, trusted computing on untrusted platforms , support for personal privacy efficient and user-friendly encryption , free speech file sharing, circumventing sensors and network restrictions by oppressive regimes , as well as issues related to electronic polls and voting.

Security is also a major issue in the use of embedded systems and the Internet of Things IoT. Verification, proofs, and automated debugging of hardware designs, software, networking protocols, mathematical theorems, etc. This includes formal reasoning proof systems and new types of logical arguments , finding bugs efficiently and diagnosing them, finding bug fixes, and confirming the absence of bugs usually by means of automated theorem-proving.

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If something is not listed, it may still be a very worthwhile topic, but not necessarily "hot" right now, or perhaps lurking in my blind spot. Now that you have a long answer, let's revisit the question! Hotness usually refers to how easy it is to make impact in the field and how impactful the field is likely to be in the broader sense. For example, solving P vs. NP would be impactful and outright awesome, but also extremely unlikely to happen any time soon.

So, new researchers are advised to stay away from such an established challenge. Quantum computing is roughly in the same category, although apparently the media and the masses have not realized this. On the positive side, applied physicists are building interesting new devices, producing results that are worthwhile by themselves.

So, quantum information processing is a hot area in applied physics, but not in computer design. What are currently the hot topics in computer science research? Different people see different truths in the same work of art. Furthermore, someone who is trained as an artist, will see more in a work of art than a totally naive person, who is nonetheless stirred by the beauty of it. The same thing applies to music or photography or literature. Beauty and truth touch us deeply and the way in which we react to beauty and truth is a mixture of the universal and the personal.

When we look at computer science and technology, different people will see different things. I see computer science as being deeply spiritual and having tremendous spiritual potential. Like anything in the spiritual realm, there is also a dark side to consider, dangers that lurk beneath the surface if the imperatives of the soul are not attended to.

In this final section of this essay I would like to touch upon the spirituality implicit in computer science and technology. This is an important aspect of the soul of computer science. Although some readers may be predisposed to believe that technology has nothing to do with spirituality, indeed, the opposite is the case. Not only is computer science deeply spiritual, it bears the potential to provide the human race with an entirely new and powerful spiritual language.

We should not underestimate the power of language and symbolism. After all, it was precisely by means of language and symbolism that we were able to create the modern world, with the wonders of science, medicine, engineering, and technology. When we find an appropriate language to discuss a domain, we gain some degree of control over that domain. In this section I would like to explain why I see computer technology as being deeply spiritual.